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Club Galas

The Club’s Annual Gala take place each November. For swimmers to compete there is an attendance requirement that needs to be met. Entry forms and the deadline for entries will be announced closer to the time. Entry forms will be available from the desk throughout September and must be returned by the deadline in order to swim. To help cover the costs of pool hire it has become necessary to charge each swimmer a normal entry for each night of the gala they swim.

Club Gala Laws

  • Attendance requirements for gala entry – a minimum 6 months membership is required (with the exception of the Novice race, see below). For existing members rejoining, and new members joining in January or February a minimum of 33 attendances are required. For new members joining in March or April, 50% of available attendances are required. Please check with the register at the desk if you are unsure about the number of attendances the swimmer has recorded.
  • A Senior shall be 17 years or over on the date of the last gala in the series.
  • A Junior shall be 16 years of age or under on the date of the last gala in the series.
  • A person qualifying to enter the novice race shall be a swimmer aged under 10, who in addition to meeting attendance requirements of at least 8 attendances at the club, has joined the club in the 12 months preceding the gala.
  • 8, 9 & 10 years to compete only in own age group races, plus 10 years Butterfly, 10 years Individual Medley and Open events.
  • 11, 12, 13 & 14 years to compete only in own age group races and Open age.
  • Junior swimmers to be allowed to compete in all Junior events and Open age.
  • Swimming age is the swimmer’s age as at 31st December of the year of the gala.
  • No member shall be allowed to win more than 9 trophies or medals.
  • Any trophy winner not having renewed membership before 31st March must return all trophies to the club
  • Any member leaving the club must return all trophies
  • Parents of trophy winners to be held responsible for any damage to trophies. Any trophies returned damaged will be repaired at the expense of the holder at the time of damage
  • All trophies to be returned by 7.30 pm on Presentation Night to the presentation night venue or to a named person by a date specified by the Committee.

Please note that the galas are run in accordance with Swim England Laws. Swimmers aged 10 years and over will be disqualified for violations of Swim England stroke laws including faulty strokes, turns and finishes. If you are in any doubt about your child’s ability to swim correct strokes, please speak to the teachers before entering races to avoid any disappointment.