Competitions – General Information

The club encourages swimmers to take part in various competitive and non competitive events throughout the year  –

  • Kirklees & District Gala Series – Swimmers responsible for entering (Teams by invite only).
  • German Exchange Gala (Invite only)
  • Club Internal Galas – Swimmers responsible for entering
  • Club Distance Swim
    • Mile Swim – Twice per year for 1st session swimmers
    • 3 Hour Swim – Open to those who have completed 1 mile

Kirklees & District Individual Galas for 2020 will take place from January to March, please see the Kirklees & District page of the website for further information. Teams Gala invites are usually issued in April.

If you are considering entering events please take a moment to read the following document – Selection For Galas and Team Events

More more information about competitions or if your child will be at an appropriate level to enter events please email –

2019 Gala

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Club Championship Results

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